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Meredith Blake is the main antagonist of the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap. She is an arrogant and greedy gold-digger bent on marrying Nick Parker for his money. Previously, unaware that Annie (as Hallie) is actually a twin, she planned on sending her to a boarding school in Timbuktu.

While going camping with Nick and the twins, Hallie and Annie put a lizard on her water bottle. Later, after Meredith threatens to make their lives miserable from the day she gets married (if they play another trick on her), she finds a lizard on her head. That night, while she's sleeping, the twins drag her mattress out of the tent and push it into the water. She starts screaming when a bird lands on her and she falls into the water. When she gets out, she tells Nick that the day they marry is when she ships the twins off to Switzerland. After she demands he pick her or them, he picks them. This angers Meredith so badly that she throws a fit and breaks off the engagement.

It is unknown what happens to Meredith next.


At first, Meredith acted like a sweet, caring, mother like figure and loving woman whenever Nick was around, but later when she was alone with Annie, who was disguised as her twin sister Hallie, Meredith showed her true colors as a greedy, controlling, self-absorbed and snobby woman who hates kids and pranks.


Meredith is an attractive 26-year-old woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.