Mega-Doris is a huge hat-like robot that isn't really a hat at all, and serves as the tertiary antagonist of Meet the Robinsons.


Meet the Robinsons[]

Mega-Doris is (possibly) the largest model of the helping hats and a giant version of Doris that serves as a body that she can control. This form was present in the alternate future of Meet the Robinsons where Doris ruled the world replacing the Robinsons' original home; however, its use against Doris' original creator, Lewis, was short-lived when Lewis fixed the original time machine in time before he was cornered by the giant and prevented the alternate timeline from occurring, and she was wiped out from existence when Doris was erased.


  • In the Meet the Robinsons video game, Mega-Doris is the final boss of the game.