In early drafts of Zootopia, a female pig named Mayor Swinton was the mayor of the city. In the final version of the film, her position was given to Leodore Lionheart.


Byron Howard relates that the crew found out on research that pigs are one of the most intelligent animals. However, they decided to change the role of the mayor to a lion, due to this animal's reputation as "king of the jungle".

In spite of the "soft and pink" personality she displayed in the initial story draft, she was supposed to be a murderous, surprise villain, secretly harboring a grudge against the dominant predators of the city, who began to disappear mysteriously. The surprise villain role went to Bellwether.

After Swinton's character was scrapped, she was reworked into a minor character, a prison warden who appears briefly in the end of the movie,[1] though it is unknown whether she retains Swinton's name.

Role in the film[]

While Mayor Swinton herself does not appear in the film, a similar-looking pig lady is seen trying to have her picture taken at the Department of Mammal Vehicles. It is unknown if this is intended to be the same character, however.

The prison warden character that Swinton was recycled into watches over Bellwether and other prisoners while they watch Gazelle's concert on TV at the end of the film.