Martin Pardon is a television host and the main antagonist in the Timon & Pumbaa episode "TV Dinner".


Martin wears a grey shirt, brown shorts, black-brown shoes, and a tortoise on his head.

Role in the film[]

Martin is seen filming his show "Kingdom of the Creatures" with an armadillo as the star, giving it steaks as food. Martin's cameraman, Ron, has doubts about a show starring an armadillo, but Martin just goes with it. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed notice the armadillo enjoying its meal, and the hyena trio attempt to star on Martin's documentary show so they could have steaks too.

While Martin does the second take about what the armadillo does when he's frightened, Shenzi appears dressed in ballet clothes and starts dancing. Martin yells "cut" and kicks out Shenzi.

On the third take, Martin talks about what the armadillo does during the rainy season. Then Banzai appears dressed as a rockstar and sings. Martin yells "cut" again and kicks out Banzai.

On the fourth take, Martin talks about the armadillo making a party sound. Then Ed pelts tomatoes at Martin, the armadillo, and a tortoise on Martin's head and shows dressed up, laughing, with Ron thinking it's funny as well. Martin gets rid of Ed by telling the hyena a joke and then kicking him out, leaving him in tears when he gets back. The hyena trio then figure out a way to get in the TV show.

Later, the armadillo decides to leave the Serengeti and go work elsewhere, forcing Martin to find another animal star. The host then sees the hyenas return and nervously decides to make them stars of the show. The hyenas replace Martin and take over the show as the new hosts, then make a take (titled "'Next' One" on the clapboard, thus making it the fifth take) with Martin in a cooking pot.