Martin is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He does not have a Storybrooke counterpart.


While putting on a puppet show for people in an unnamed village, Martin has his young son, Jiminy, sneaking around the crowd and picking their pockets . Later, he and his wife, Myrna, assess the money and trinkets Jiminy has collected. Jiminy admires a cricket, which he finds by the wagon train. Martin ignores this, but then later tells him that he is free to do what he and his mother want. He then makes the cricket "disappear" stating the problem is solved.

Many years later, despite being older, Myrna and Martin are still up to their old tricks. They talk about what scam to run next, but Jiminy interjects, saying that they make enough from the puppet show.

They complain about getting old and tell Jiminy that he must stay with them, until they die. They then tell him to set up for the show. Later, they arrive at a house where they pretend to be homeless and need a place to stay.

Myrna tells a story about the next town over being hit by the plague and says that they are immune due to the use of elf tonic. They swindle the family into giving up all their gold and objects of worth, for a tiny vial of what the family thinks is elf tonic.

When Jiminy tries to kill his parents with the potion Rumplestiltskin gave him, Martin reveals that he has switched Jiminy's potion for rain water, and Jiminy's potion has been given to the people who bought the elf tonic. They then laugh not showing a shred of remorse, for what has occurred.