The Martian Robot is the main antagonist of the animated segment of Mars and Beyond, and the Mickey Mouse Works cartoon Mickey's Mechanical House.


Mars and Beyond[]

The Robot first appears during the scene, where the segment's narrator is explaining about the popular stories of the time, specifically regarding aliens and secret government bases. It is explained that the Robot is controlled from a UFO, by a "Martian Mastermind".

The Robots pre-designated mission is to find women to bring back to Mars, as they are non existent on the planet. The Robot brings a woman to its controller on Mars. Later after the woman has defeated the Martians, the Robot appears once again on Earth, abducting a scientist for another insidious Martian scheme.

Mickey's Mechanical House[]

The Robot first appears during the scene where the salesman shows Mickey Mouse to the houses new kitchen, where the Robot is preparing a meal. The Robot later appears when an un-tired Mickey attempts to leave his bedroom, but the Robot stops him, as it's past Mickey's bedtime.

The Robot forces Mickey back into bed, but Mickey escapes again, but is stopped again by the Robot. After several more unsuccessful attempts, Mickey escapes and declares war on the Robot. Mickey sets up a trap with a bucket of water on the top of a door to short circuit the Robot, which Mickey does by luring him into the kitchen.

The bucket of water is dropped on the Robot, who fizzes and jolts, and eventually explodes, starting off a chain of events that destroy the house.

House of Mouse[]

The Robot made a cameo in a House of Mouse episode in the audience, clapping after they showed his cartoon.

Mickey's House of Villains[]

The Robot appears during the musical number "It's Our House Now!" as one of the many villains, singing along and joining in the villainous revelry.