Mark Pierson is the main antagonist of the 1972 film Napoleon and Samantha.


Surprised by the arrival of the children and Major, Danny immediately inquires about the adults back in Grantville. After introducing the children to Mark, a hiker who recently stopped in the area, Danny discovers that Napoleon and Samantha have run away. As he has no telephone, Danny asks Mark to look after the children while he goes to town to inform Gertrude that Samantha is safe. Gertrude refuses to speak with Danny, however, and summons the police, who arrest him. At the station, Danny is compliant until he spots a wanted-sign for Mark. When the police refuse to listen to his warnings, Danny breaks out, steals a motorcycle and leads the police on a wild chase back to his cabin. Upon arriving there, Danny overpowers Mark and finds Napoleon and Samantha tied to chairs, believing they are playing a game with Mark. After the police subdue Mark, they reveal he is a recent escapee from a nearby mental hospital.

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