Mapigano is the main antagonist of The Lion Guard episode "The Trouble With Galagos".

Role in the Series

He is a leopard who steals Mirihi Forest from a smaller feeble leopard named Badili and forces him to flee to the Pride Lands.

Badili, after being urged by the Lion Guard to return home, is confronted by Mapigano who says that Mirihi Forest isn't his turf anymore and orders him to get out. However, the Lion Guard had caught up with Badili and force Mapigano to leave.

The next day, Mapigano returns to Mirihi Forest and forces Badili out again and he returns to the Pride Lands, where the Lion Guard realise that only Badili himself can get rid of Mapigano for good.

After being trained by the Lion Guard to be confident, Badili returns to Mirihi Forest and confronts Mapigano, who at first laughs at Badili's attempts of bravery and attacks. However, Badili stands up for himself and roars, causing Mapigano to flee Mirihi Forest for good.

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