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The Manotaur is a character and antagonist from Yin Yang Yo!.


He is a half-man with hairy hooves but all man (if one counts collecting comic books and action figures manly). He is a large man with a bald head who dresses like a city man. His plan was to kidnap all the two-ni-corns and to shave off all their hair to make a large wig to cover up his really smooth, bald head to get a date with the Womanotaur. When Yin and Yang reach his lair, which is really his house in a cul-de-sac, Yang uses Man Smash, learned from his comic book hero, U-Dude, and frees the two-ni-corns. He returns in "Game Over" where he attempts to confiscate the Dojo for not paying bills, which he would "tear down and build an overpriced condo" only to fail thanks to Dave. The Manotaur is explicitly noted for having five fingers on each hand, as opposed to the "normal" four on everyone else in the show. He apparently adores lawyers due to their high pay.