Mama Dragon is the antagonist of the episode "Grim the Dragon". She attacks the village in search for her baby, which it spent much of the episode enclosed inside an egg. It is left in the care of The 7D, who they initially thought it was a pearl.


Mama Dragon is ferocious and is defensive towards anyone who comes near her and her baby by breathing fire massively. Eventually, she realizes that The 7D is trying to help her reunite with the baby and they both end up in friendly terms.

In the show

At the beginning of "Grim the Dragon", the villagers are being under attack by the dragon after a pearl was being discovered and being observed by The 7D at their cottage. After they fought the dragon, Hildy and Grim wanted a pet dragon of their own to scare Jollywood upon hearing the news of the attack. Unable to find one that suits them, Hildy decides to turn her husband into a dragon. While Grim carries out their plan, Mama Dragon returns and snatched him away to her home, believing that Grim is her baby.

Unsuccessfully trying to rescue Grim, Hildy arrives at The 7D's cottage dressed as Little Bo Peep and convinces them come along with her. Suddenly, the pearl in question turns out to be an egg, with a baby dragon hatched out of it. With the baby dragon, The 7D and Hildy arrive at Mama Dragon's cave, though their first several attempts were difficult. Grim then became human again because his time as a dragon expired. Mama Dragon and The 7D realize that the Glooms are impostors, and Mama Dragon forcefully kicked them out of her cave. Both the mother and baby reunited at last and they and The 7D are invited for a barbeque at Queen Delightful's castle (with Mama Dragon cooking burgers on the grill).


  • Before her onscreen debut, Mama Dragon first appeared on the The 7D Dwarf Track Builder online game as one of the obstacles for both the The 7D's jewel mine and Sky Bucket courses.
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