Malvolio Drake is a character that debuted in Undertow. This pirate captain is the scourge of Undertow Cavern, sailing the waters of Slugterra in search of treasure and trouble.


A ferocious and rude reptilian pirate, Malvolio Drake has spent years terrorizing the subterranean seas in Undertow Cavern. With his faithful Mimkey, Malvolio commands his ragtag crew aboard his fearsome ship, the Nautilus.


Malvolio Drake -- "Captain" as he is referred to—is a sea-faring tyrant that robs passing slugslingers of their Slugs. He appears as an Amphibianoid with a blue scaley body, with a red crest, equipped with a red and brown armor.


  • Undertow (First)
  • Deep Water, Dark Water
  • The Gentleman and the Thief (Small cameo)



  • His Pirate Crew (Mr. Watts, Fang, Boo, etc.)
  • The Shane Gang (Temporarily)
  • Brutale Drake (Being his brother and all)


  • The Shane Gang



  • He has been collecting all his toenails since pirate school, considering every part of his body so special.
  • He calls everyone "princess".
  • He calls taking others Slugs "The Pirate Games".
  • He has the first ship seen in SlugTerra.
  • He has a brother named Brutale, who gave Malvolio his Mimkey.
  • He and his brother's blasters are the same design just in different colours.
  • While under water, Malvolio, Brutale, and their pirate crew don't need scuba gear.
  • The two brothers' surname is the same one as Sir Francis Drake's one, a famous corsair who worked for Queen Elizabeth I of England.
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