Malvina Monroe is the main antagonist of Disney's 2022 animated/live-action feature film Disenchanted. She is Tyson Monroe's mother and the local queen bee of Monroeville, ruling over the citizens with her social influence. When she is infected by Giselle's wish to live a fairytale life and Monroeville turns into Monrolasia, she is transformed into the evil ruler of the land, who possesses magical powers.



When first introduced, she is a very passive-aggressive realtor who is slightly snobby and critical of Giselle, especially because of the "fixer-upper" status of the house her family moved into. When Giselle attempts to campaign Morgan for princess of Monroe-fest, she cites Giselle for doing so on private property and has her assistants, Rosaleen and Ruby take it down.

After Giselle makes a wish on the Andalasian Wand of Wishing for a fairytale life transforming Monroeville into Monrolasia, Malvina becomes the Queen of the land and possesses magic powers. When she sees Sofia playing with the wand, she sends Rosaleen and Ruby to steal it. After her attempt to use it fails, she finds out from the Scroll that only "a true son or daughter of Andalasia" can use it.

When the wish transforms Giselle into a wicked stepmother, she becomes more ambitious and challenges Malvina to a duel to become the true Queen of Monrolasia. That night, at the Festival, Giselle steals the wand back and makes herself the Queen and steals Malvina's crown, leading to an all-out brawl between the two. Annoyed with Ruby and Rosaleen's incompetence, she turns them into horny toads. After Morgan arrives with her memory tree to bring Giselle back to normal, Malvina puts a sleeping curse on Morgan and holds her hostage because she prefers being Queen and does not want the world to go back to normal. Morgan makes a wish to be back home with her mother, restoring Monroeville.

The next morning, Malvina and everyone else (except Morgan and Giselle) believe the previous day was all a dream. After Giselle apologizes for her behavior, Malvina offers Giselle a spot on her committee, which she accepts.



  • Malvina's phone number has a 917 area code, a code usually reserved for New York City.
  • Malvina's husband is only seen on the welcome sign and it is unknown why he does not appear.