Major Threat is a character and antagonist in Wander Over Yonder. He is voiced by Piotr Michael.


He was Lord Hater's villainous hero and idol, and his reason for becoming evil. However, after a chance encounter with a wanderer called "Tumbleweed", Major Threat learned the error of his ways and found peace and love, becoming a hippie of sorts who spreads harmony and brings out the best in others, just as Tumbleweed did for him, much to Lord Hater's horror.

He will join Wander and a group of rebels to fight Lord Dominator in "The End of the Galaxy".


He was once the most feared and evil ruler in the galaxy with a tyrannical and bloodthirsty disposition. When Tumbleweed came into his life, he despised the wanderer and tried to destroy him, but eventually Tumbleweed was able to break through Threat's cold exterior and find the goodness he had deep down, completely transforming Threat from a being of pure evil to a kind and caring peace lover. Threat has then dedicated his life to using his resources to improve the galaxy and undo the wrongs he has done, as well as convert his fellow villains to the side of good. However he may still use horrifying raw force in an attempt to sway villains like Hater, but never does anything too serious.


  • It is implied that Tumbleweed may in fact be Wander or at least someone near-identical to him. But it was revealed and confirmed that in "The Waste of Time" that Wander IS Tumbleweed. 
  • Despite no longer being a villain, he is still in the Galactic Villain Leaderboard in the dead last spot, a fact which he is proud of.