Magica's Shadow is the primary antagonist of the Ducktales episode "Magica's Shadow War".


In her latest scheme to acquire Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime, Magica De Spell casts a spell to separate her own shadow from her body and give it life. The shadow is instructed to stealthily sneak into Scrooge's mansion and steal the dime by manipulating the shadow glass case. However, after mistaking the billionaire's moose head trophy for a monster, the frightened minion returns to her mistress.

A furious Magica berates her slave for the failure, but theorizes that it was because the shadow was not strong enough. The witch prepares another spell to rectify this, but then changes her mind; feeling that her creation has already botched things up enough. The shadow, however, seizes upon an opportunity to lock Magica in a closet and completes the spell. Now transformed into a scarier shadow with red eyes, the usurper divulges her intent to get revenge by making people slaves to their shadows.

Scrooge is forced seek Magica's aid after his own failed efforts cause the shadow to multiply into numerous clones. The shadow is lured inside of Scrooge's Money Bin where a trap is sprung. Huey, Dewey and Louie ambush the intruder with their flash cameras. With no darkness to escape to, the spell is broken and the shadow returns to normal.