Madison is the daughter of Katherine in Good Luck Charlie. She was dating PJ. She only appears in the episode "Boys Meet Girls".


Madison is seen to be very sneaky and does not think twice about cheating on her boyfriends. When a boy asks her out she probably always answers yes if they are good looking. She is very pretty and cunning.

Personal Life[]

Madison is currently dating Pizza Pirate. She used to cheat on him with PJ Duncan. Pizza Pirate didn't confront Madison about this. He didn't even realize what Madison was really doing. Madison got away with it.


PJ Duncan[]

Pj was her boyfriend. They met while Pj was delivering chicken to her house. Emmett does not like that PJ and Madison are dating, because Pj spends all of his time with her instead of hanging out with Emmett. PJ breaks up with Madison when he discovers she was also dating Pizza Pirate. (Boys Meet Girls)


Katherine is her mother. She is currently in love with Bob, Amy's husband. Bob is totally comitted to love Amy forever though. Bob and Katherine have some fun together making Amy jealous. Katherine is called "Kitty-Kat" by Bob. Bob tries to make it up to Amy by calling her "Amypotimus." Amy is still mad until the next episode.

Pizza Pirate[]

Pizza Pirate is the guy Madison was dating while she was also dating PJ. He was unaware that PJ was also Madison's boyfriend. Madison continues to date him after her and PJ break up ("Boys Meet Girls"). It is unknown if they are still dating or not.

Background Information[]

  • She was born on September 25, 1993.