You got a mission, don't sweat it! We'll crank it up to Jacksimum overdrive!
      —Greg Jack

The Mad Jacks are a team of extreme operatives who appear in Big Hero 6: The Series.


The Mad Jacks are a high octane action team for hire, who specialize in carrying out extreme missions. While they have real individual names, they all go by the name "Jack". Greg Jack is voiced by Rob Riggle, Jack by Kevin Michael Richardson, and Jaq—the only female—by Kerri Kenney.

Role in the series

They made their debut appearance in "The Impatient Patient" when Obake hires them to steal valuable hard drive from Alistair Krei. During their mission, they are confronted by Big Hero 6 and defeated, mainly due to the power of Baymax. After several attempts, the Jacks are defeated for good, leaving Krei with the drive. Little did they know that the whole thing was a ruse set up by Obake to get Krei paranoid enough to keep the hard drive to himself instead of having it analyzed by his tech security team. The hard drive itself turned out be a bug that Obake could use to hack into Krei's computers once he plugged it in.


  • The Mad Jacks have their own (catchy, according to Krei) theme song.
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