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The Mad Doctor is the main villain of the Mickey Mouse cartoon "The Mad Doctor" from 1933. It is unknown what his real name is, but a notice outside his door calls him "Dr. XXX".

The Mad Doctor's experiment was to kidnap Pluto and graft his head onto the body of a chicken. When Mickey arrived to try and rescue him he was captured by the Mad Doctor and was about to be cut apart by a circular saw, but it turned out that the whole ordeal was Mickey Mouse's dream - therefore the actual existance of the Mad Doctor is questionable.

The Doctor has since made sporadic appearences in other media. He is the tertiary antagonist of the Wii Game Epic Mickey, in which he assists the Phantom Blot by building robot henchmen called Beetleworx.

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In the game's sequel, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, he has returned to Wasteland with a supposed change of heart, teaming up with Mickey and Oswald to protect Wasteland to stop it from being destroyed completley by earthquakes and hidden secondary secondary antagonist. At the end, he is either doomed iinto a lake of thinner (thinner path) or saves Mickey and Oswald and is redeemed by the Guardians (paint path).

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