Machana is a bug from the Aladdin TV series episode "Sneeze the Day". He is known as the creator of the Orb of Machana; an orb that has the power to cure any genie ailment.


Sneeze the Day[]

When Aladdin, Iago, and Carpet go in the cavern to get the Orb of Machana for Genie's cold, Machana first appears as a crocodilian monster. He tests Aladdin by making him stick out his tongue and touch his forehead and Aladdin succeeds. Machana later appears as a spider. He has three baskets and puts a sword in one of them. He then shuffles the baskets and Aladdin has to choose the one with the sword inside. The street rat picks the middle basket and it's the right one. Then, Machana appears as a griffin. He gives Aladdin a riddle, which is what simple thing, if he has done it, would've saved him from all the trouble he just went through to get the orb. Aladdin says that he should've just stayed home and Machana admits he's correct. Then, Machana reveals that he is a bug. He gives Aladdin the Orb and they fly off. The bug goes to a room stocked with orbs. He says that it will take him a million years to get rid of them.