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Maccus is an anthropomorphic hammerhead shark person and a crew member of the Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


Maccus has blue eyes and black hair in his human form. He has an axe and a cutlass.

Personal life[]

Dead Man's Chest[]

When Will Turner is on the Flying Dutchman, Maccus was first seen before Boostrap Bill and Will Turner enter the organ room with Davy Jones when the lullaby is playing. He smiled when Davy Jones is about to call the Kraken to get Will Turner. In Isla Cruces, he rose with the other crew members of the Flying Dutchman to attack Elizabeth, Norrington and Jack Sparrow. He battled with Elizabeth, along with Pintel and Ragetti until Will Turner and James Norrington rescued them.

At World's End[]

     During the rule of Lord Cutler Beckett, he still serves on the Flying Dutchman. Before he killed Will Turner, Jack the Monkey attacked him and reverted into his human during the battle between the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman.