Mac Antfee is a minor antagonist featured in the Disney XD series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. He was the Norrisville Ninja during the 80s, the former instructor of Ninja Camp, and is currently a motivational speaker. He has an obese companion whose belly is used as a gong.


When Antfee became the Norrisville Ninja during the 1980s, he was probably heroic and courageous, like most others. But after being the Ninja for more than four years, he started to become aggressive and uncaring and began neglecting his sacred duties. This was evidenced in "Stank'd to the Future", where Antfee imprisoned Dickie in a freezer (instead of removing the Stank possessing him) just so he could have fun at the prom.

Sometime prior to the events of the episode "Ninja Camp", the NinjaNomicon removed Antfee from his status as the Ninja, confiscating the Ninja Mask and the suit along with it. Antfee was incensed at this, and vowed to someday reclaim the mask so he could "kick every butt in Norrisville". Since Antfee exited the book without being mind-wiped, the memories of his time as the Ninja left him crazed and corrupt. Before long, he established his own dojo and training facility so he could recruit his own army and get back at those he believed had ruined his life.

As a teacher, he was very ambitious, conceited and determined, always aiming to be the best, and considering those who helped other people to be "losers" and "nicewads". Antfee showed no mercy to anyone, and would convince his fellow students that he was the one true Norrisville Ninja. Antfee even trained his followers to have a hatred for the Ninja and help reclaim the Ninja Mask in order for him to become unstoppable and wreak vengeance. Antfee's desire for the mask was so extreme, he would even resort to threatening ways (such as holding the Ninja's friend hostage) in order to get his hands on it.


  • His name shows a lot of similarity with the name of Anti-Virus scanner McAfee.