Mabel is a minor antagonist in Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille.



Mabel is an old woman who lives on the outskirts of Paris in a quaint village. Remy, along with the rat colony, lives there in her attic. Mabel loves to cook, proven by her collection of many different foods, and is always seen watching Gusteau on the television. She also owns Gusteau's famous cookbook: "Anyone Can Cook," which is always left in the kitchen, causing Remy to visit her kitchen regularly. Later, when Mabel sees Remy in her kitchen, she grabs a rifle and shoots at him while accidentally blowing numerous holes in the ceiling, causing it to crash to the floor, with hundreds of rats falling with it. The rats begin to flee from her home, but Mabel still doesn't leave her infestation to that. She puts on a gas mask and starts spraying a gaseous rat poison at the rats. Remy was her main target because he was the last to escape. She soon gives up after the rats escape in their "rescue boats," and after missing her final shot at Remy, who was floating on her stolen cookbook. It is unknown what becomes of her after that.