Lucy is parrot Ellen adopted in Dog With a Blog. She is voiced by Rachel Butera.

Character History[]

Ellen bought her because Avery suggested she become an animal person. When introduced to the family, she's very hostile and aggressive.

Lucy's annoying squawking rapidly kept the family up at night.

Stan let her out of her cage in an attempt to get rid of her, but she flew back in through the door. Ellen eventually sided with the family, after Lucy continuously dug her claws into her head, causing it to bleed, although at first she was hesitant to show it. Ellen tried getting rid of Lucy by opening the door and trying to let luck go. When she was gone, Ellen finally caved and admitted to hating the bird from the start.

At the park, Lucy's "Tyler's a jerk" gave Rebecca a "sign" that she shouldn't go out with him. Tyler recommend its just one bird's opinion until a flock of other parrots, who Lucy met, kept repeating what she said.


Lucy proves to be hostile and aggressive towards the James-Jennings' family, even Ellen. Her constant squawking annoys the,

Lucy, like every parrot, has this typical habit of repeating what she heard.


Season One[]

  • The Parrot Trap

Season Two[]

  • Stan Makes His Mark


  • In Stan Makes His Mark, it's revealed that Lucy has a new owner.