Lucius Heinous VII is the tyrant ruler of Miseryville. He resembles a devil-like creature having red skin and horns. He has great contempt for his archenemy Jimmy, because of his happy-go-lucky attitude which often acts a foil to his plots to make the town even more miserable. He resembles the stereotypical villain as he is cold, malevolent, narcissistic and self-serving. He has a son, Beezy, who rebels against his wishes which he blames Jimmy for. He's an idiot when it comes to make new, miserable ideas. He was voiced by Sean Cullen.



He hates and is terrified of Weavils (he even hates hearing the word) because they pulled a prank on him and took his stuffed rabbit when he was young. He also dislikes any thing that has to do with fun and happy (unless it's fun and happy for him), this lead's him to especially hate Jimmy since nothing ever seems to make him miserable. He doesn't get along with his father Lucius the 6th since he treated his son like Lucius does Beezy, and dislike the a rest of the Heinouses. While angry most of the time, Lucius really can't stand to lose at golf. When this happens, he ends up throwing a tantrum and having the entire course flooded. This has led to Sammy helping him cheat, and his opponents letting him win. He has a 'girlfriend' named Jez who resembles a purple humanoid cat. She can barely remember his name and only goes out with him when promised expensive things but Lucius is convinced she loves him.

Lucius has a holiday named "Lucius' Fools Day", on this day Lucius gets to spread even more misery through pranks.

Early Concept[]

Originally during the planning phase of the show when it was going to take place in the underworld, Lucius was intended to be Lucifer, the ruler of the underworld (nicknamed Lucy), but due to some complications they decided to make the show more kid friendly which led to Lucius' name change. However the nickname still remained.


Lucius sometimes takes his eyes out when he sees something he doesn't believe is happening. (Catalogue of Misery, Bad Horn Day)

Lucius has lived for more than 800 years (Bad Horn Day), but has only ruled Miseryville for 20 years. His father had been in charge up until then, and is now a popsicle in Lucius's freezer (Popsicles).

Only Lucius and Beezy are allowed to gain acess the chocolate tap, but Lucius won't let Beezy use it. (There Will Be Chocolate)