Lord Fathom is the main antagonist of the Jake and the Never Land Pirates special, Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Great Never Sea Conquest. He is an evil shark-like mer-wizard who plots to take over the Never Sea.


Physical Appearance

Lord Fathom is a merman-like being but with shark attributes. He has dark gray skin, yellow eyes with slender pupils, sharp teeth and kelp-like tentacles for hair. Four fins extend from his arms and two more from his waist. Despite his wizard title, he wears a breastplate of armor with spiked shoulder pads and an ocean pattern.


Lord Fathom is a diabolical villain with a wicked sense of humor. A power-hungry mer-wizard, Fathom is very manipulative and willing to destroy anyone to obtain his own desires.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from his natural abilities underwater, Lord Fathom's most notable source of mystical power is the Darklight Emerald, which, when placed in a trident, gives him control over various creatures of the Never-Sea, as well as control over water and the sea.

Lord Fathom is also quite effective at disguises, as evidenced by posing as an old mer-person to trick Queen Coralie into revealing the location of the Darklight Emerald. However, this skill has its limits, as Jake did not fall for his ruse later on.

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