Lord Elrod is a character from the Disney Channel original series Elena of Avalor and voiced by Bob Joles.


Lord Elrod is a cruel egomaniac who values victory at all cost as shown when he tells his son that "A winner dies whatever it takes to win." His drive to win is such that, unlike his son, he has no regard for rules or for honor and happily resorts to cheating and playing dirty to achieve victory and feel absolutly no guilt or shame about it as shown when he tells Sir Cassius it's only considered cheating if the referee thinks it was on purpose. Also unlike his son, he's shown to not take losing well.

Role in the Series

Lord Elrod makes his debut in "The Princess Knight". Years earlier, Lord Elrod was once a knight in the Kingdom of Brazendell. He fought in the Swordsman's Cup when he was younger and went up against Queen Lucia. To keep himself from losing he aimed for her wrist and broke it. She had to forfeit the match.

Roughly fifty years later, he became Lord Elrod of Brazendell and has a son named Sir Cassius. His son has become the defending champion fencer of Brazenell. He pushed his son into cheating and aiming for Elena's wrist when it came down to fighting her. He gets mad when he sees that his son lose to Elena and give her the winning trophy.

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