Lord Cedric is a fictional character in the W.I.T.C.H. comic and animated series. Cedric is the right hand man of Prince Phobos, and acts as the head of his armies. He posed as a human bookseller named Alexander Louis to gain Elyon Brown's trust and help lure her to Meridian so that Phobos could steal her powers. At the climax of the Meridian story-arc he is shrunk into a little snake-like imp by Phobos as a punishment for failure and is imprisoned along with his master after his defeat. Towards the end of the Nerissa story-arc Cedric was released as devoured Phobos in his moment of glory, injesting the power of Phobos and the Seal of Nerissa which contained the essence of Nerissa, Elyon, Yan lin and Kadma. Swelling to a tremendou size and becoming nearly invincible, Cedric demanded that the Knights of Revenge [called the Knights of Vengeance in the Anime] pledge their allegiance to him. Miranda did so because the two were lovers. Rathor, Frost, Tracker and Gargoyle however did not because their loyalties lay with Phobos. They fled along with the Guardians. Sending Miranda to devour the Aurumeres, Cedric went to Earth and did battle with the Knights and the Guardians. Meanwhile inside the Seal which was inside Cedric, Kadma, Yan Lin and Elyon joined their powers to break free. Cedric lost his power and as he fell he coughed up Phobos, Yan Lin, Kadma, Elyon and the Seal which still contained Nerissa. Phobos passed out from exhaustion built up from his fighting to stay alive inside Cedric and Cedric passed out from the mental stress of defeat. The two comatose villains were then re-imprisoned.


In his "Alexander Louis" form, Cedric is an excellent hand to hand fighter. He also possesses the magical ability to transform into a large snake/man hybrid at will.

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