Lord Belasco is the main villain in A Kid in King Arthur's Court. He rules as a high lord of Camelot who aids King Arthur. He, however, plots against Arthur to rule Camelot as king. Due to the Black Knight's crimes, Arthur entrusts the soldiers of Camelot to Belasco. He allows the soldiers to do as they please in Camelot to lessen Arthur's control. Upon the arrival of Calvin Fuller, he attempts to sight Calvin stopping the Black Knight. However, he is smighted by Calvin when he uses his rock and roll against him. He is sighted again during training practice where Calvin hits him below the belt. He then declares vengance on Calvin. Meanwhile, he plots to kidnap Princess Katey to force Princess Sarah to marry him and make him king. After suppling the threat to Sarah, she has Calvin warn Arthur about the conspiracy. After Katey's rescue, Belasco is forced to compete in the tournament to earn Sarah's hand in marriage. He cheats, of course, by reflecting light off a jewel on his helmet into his opponent's eyes. Calvin, disguised as a competitor, defeats Belasco since his head wasn't in his helmet. Belasco attempts to kill Calvin for his loss, but the Black Knight, who was really a hero helping Camelot's citizens, saves Calvin and tramples Belasco. Arthur, now aware of Belasco's treason and restored with confidence, banishes Belasco from Camelot, telling he should not stop walking until he reaches Coocamunga. Belasco doesn't know where this is and leaves the kingdom forever.

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