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Locke and Lode are characters and antagonists from Slugterra. They are twin Slugslingers who work for Dr. Blakk.


Both twins are large-built men with oversized backpacks and heavy armour. Locke is slightly smarter than Lode, who is pretty dumb, yet neither can keep ahold of Burpy in "The Journey Home".

Despite their general incompetence, Locke and Lode have worked for Blakk for many years and are demolition experts. In "Back to Blakk" they were seen working originally for Viggo Dare before dueling under Blakk's lead, prior to the creation of Ghoul Slugs. Based on the show's timeline, this means that the pair have been working under Blakk for at least five years.

After the defeat of Dr. Blakk they attempted to capture the Elemental Slugs from the Shane Gang but failed. They are later seen by Shane gang wile they are committing another theft, but accidentally notice the Gang's presence and, after a chase, stopped by Tad.


  • Locke is right-handed; Lode is left-handed.
  • On Slugterra.com the names are Locke and Lode