Little Leota also known as the Ghostess is a character appearing in the Haunted Mansion rides in Disneyland, Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland.


Little Leota is a doll sized ghost who appears at the very end of the Haunted Mansion attraction inside of the Exit Crypt where she encourages the mortal guests of the Haunted Mansion to "Hurry Back" after they become haunted by the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Alternate Versions

Ghost Gallery

In the non-cannon cast-member created backstory for Disney World's Haunted Mansion, Little Leota is reimagined as being the daughter of the Ghost Host and Madame Leota.

In the Ghost Gallery's storyline, Little Leota was the illegitimate daughter of Madame Leota and George Gracey Jr. (a composite character of Master Gracey and the Ghost Host) who was concieved while George was still married to Lillian O'Malley (the Ghost Gallery's Tightrope Walker). This Little Leota was a practical-jokester who enjoyed causing mischief throughout the Gracey household as a child, even scaring her hand-maid Prudence to death. When Little Leota was a young woman, she enjoyed having affairs with every and anyone who struck her fancy, even briefly becoming engaged to a man named Jamie Padgett who she tricked into believing that he was a vampire and then nailing him shut in coffin for her own amusement as well as the amusement of her then lover Nicholas Crown (the Ghost Gallery's Count Dracula). When she was 23, Little Leota's advances were rebuffed by the mansion's handyman, gardner and liveryman who rejected her due to still being in mourning for Lillian O'Malley. Enraged by the rejection, Little Leota killed the three men by luring them into a quicksand-like mudpit where they sank to their deaths. However as Little Leota watched them die from a distance while hiding in the treetops, the branch she was sitting on snapped and sent her plunging into the river where she drowned. When they finally found her corpse, Little Leota's cadaver was so pruned that it was nearly the size of a doll.


  • Although officially known as the Ghostess, the character obtained the semi-official name of Little Leota due to being played by Disney imagineer, Leota Toombs who also provided the face for the Haunted Mansion's more notable villainess, Madame Leota.
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