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Little Bits is a character from "The Stray". She's a kitten who is hired as a bounty hunter by Lord Hater. She used her natural hypnotism abilities to lure Wander into a trap, and is the main antagonist in her debut episode. She mostly stays silent as part of her deceptive cover, but when she talks, she speaks with a cute lisp. As of "My Fair Hatey", she is one of Lord Dominator's prisoners.


Little Bits uses her cunning mind to manipulate others. She has the power to control the thoughts and actions of her adversaries by putting them into a trance through eye-contact. Those with particularly protective or empathetic natures are more susceptible to fall under her hypnosis, as she uses her cute, vulnerable appearance as leverage through her mind-control. In the episode "The Stray", this ability was demonstrated on Wander.