Characters that have appeared in the movie The Incredibles, any sequels and related media such as books and comics. This is for all characters, regardless of whether they are good or bad, and regardless of how major or minor a role they play in the stories.

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Parr Family[]

  • Robert Parr (Super name: Mr. Incredible) - Head of the household. Powers include super strength and limited invulnerability. Dreams of returning to the glory days of being a superhero and one day gets his chance.
  • Helen Parr (Super name: Elastigirl) - Bob's wife. Powers include being able to stretch her body like rubber.
  • Dashiell Robert Parr (Super name: not revealed, but nicknamed "Dash" by his parents) - Oldest son in the family. Powers include super speed, enough to be able to run on water.
  • Violet Parr (Super name: not revealed) - Oldest amongst the children. Powers include ability to become invisible and generating impact-resistant force fields.
  • Jack-Jack Parr (Super name: not revealed) - The baby of the family. Just beginning to develop powers relating to shapeshifting.

Other Supers and supporting staff[]

  • Lucius Best (Super name: Frozone) - Bob's best friend and accompanies him on "bowling nights" which are in reality stakeouts to listen to the police radio for crimes and accidents they can covertly assist with. Powers include ability to form ice and snow from humidity in the air.
  • Rick Dicker - Government agent overseeing the relocation program of the Supers into society.
  • Edna Mode - Designer of the costumes Supers wear and incorporates features specific to their powers such as resistance to friction. Refuses to design costumes with capes due to the dangers they present if they are snagged or otherwise caught. Had become a high-profile fashion designer when the Supers were forced to permanently adopt their secret identities years previously.
  • Simon J. Paladino (Super name: Gazerbeam) - Following the forced retirement of all the Supers, became a pro-bono lawyer who entered politics to become an advocate for superhero rights.

Syndrome's crew[]

  • Buddy Pine (Super name: Syndrome) - Childhood fan of Mr. Incredible who was devistated at being rejected to become his sidekick. Inventer of advanced technology such as rocket boots and Zero-point energy to compensate for having no powers of his own.
  • Unknown (Super name: Mirage) - Recruiter for Syndrome to test his Omnidroids and possible former government agent. Reconsiders her decision to work for him after he reveals how casually he will risk her life.

Students and teachers[]

  • Tony Rydinger - A boy at Violet's school that she develops a crush on. Later in the school year as she becomes more confident in her abilities, notices her and asks her on a date.
  • Bernie Kropp - One of Dash's teachers. Frustrated at being the victim of several unexplained pranks, sets up a video camera in his classroom. Nearly manages to capture video evidence that Dash is the source, but is unable to convince the principal of it.
  • John Walker - Principal of Dash's school. Without sufficient proof, he releases Dash fron detention.