Lilith Clawthorne is the central antagonist of Season 1 of The Owl House.


Lilith is a tall, slender middle-aged woman in her mid to late forties (two years older than Eda). She has white skin, pointy ears, navy blue lips, long, dark navy blue hair (formerly red when she was younger), and cyan eyes. She has dark claw-like nails and an inverted kite-shaped sky blue gem on her sternum. After splitting the curse between herself and Eda in "Young Blood, Old Souls", Lilith's right eye becomes gray, and she obtains a gray streak on the right side of her hair.

She wears a long-sleeved two-tone dark gray dress and dark gray laced boots. In season 2 after leaving the Emperor's Coven, she wears a graphic tee (supposedly from the human world) of a "low battery" symbol and a ragged skirt that reaches to her ankles.

In her childhood, she had fluffy strawberry red hair. Back then she wore glasses with round lenses and a Hexside school uniform with yellow sleeves and leggings, signifying her as a member of the potions track.


In contrast to her sister Eda, Lilith is conservative, strait-laced, and generally law-abiding. She takes great pride in her role as a mentor and was initially surprised to see Eda at the latest Covention, believing she had finally decided to join one of the covens, only for her sister to laugh at the notion. Though at first she appears to be everything her sister is not, Lilith is revealed to also not be above cheating, having secretly given her top student, Amity Blight, a power glyph to amplify her magic, knowing full well her sister would do the same (although, it could be argued that since she knew Eda would cheat, she was just leveling the playing field).

Despite her ruthlessness and not being above endangering bystanders to achieve her goals, Lilith later revealed that she wasn't as heartless as she seemed to be; though she cursed Eda out of envy and feelings of inadequacy because the latter was always better than her in the past, the deed traumatized Lilith so much that she firmly believed Belos' false promise that he would remove Eda's curse if she would capture her, only to later learn it not to be the case. Another reason for her stepping onto a dark path was her ignorance to Coven System's more sinister purposes, which are unknown to most inhabitants of Boiling Isles except a select few (ex. Eda), showing how naive Lilith was.

After seeing the dark side of Emperor's Coven and acknowledging her errors, Lilith aimed to atone for her mistakes, starting by sharing the burden of the very curse she placed long ago.


Nothing is really known about Lilith's past except that she used to be the leader of the grudgby team in her school days.

In "Agony of a Witch", it is revealed by Lilith that Eda used to continuously brag about being better then her, relentlessly making Lilith feel inferior to the point where Lilith acted out. Lilith snuck into Eda's bedroom one night in a cloak and was the one who put the Owl Creature Curse upon her sister, which she accidentally reveals to have done by asking "Then why were you so easy to curse!?!" during a duel with her.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", it's shown that Lilith and Eda were once good sisters until they both wanted to try out for the Emperor's Coven, but there was only one spot left, so they had to duel to get it. Lilith was worried about not being able to beat Eda, so she went to the Black Market and got a curse to suppress Eda's magic. She thought it would only last one day, so she then cursed Eda. Once the duel came, Eda refused to fight, making Lilith realize the curse was pointless, and worse, the curse was actually permanent.

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