The Leopard Seal is the main antagonist in the 2006 live-action film Eight Below, despite his role being small.


The Leopard Seal is first seen when Jerry Shepherd points it and another seal out to Doctor Davis Maclaren on their way to Mount Melbourne.

Later on, when the dogs are on their own, Max, who becomes separated from the others, stumbles across a dead eaten killer whale carcass. When he starts to eat it, the seal chases him away. The other five surviving dogs also arrive at the area, and Max grabs a chunk of flesh from the carcass to draw the seal away while the other dogs feed. The seal begins to pursue him from underneath the ice, but soon realizes what was happening, and returns to defend its food. It bites Maya's leg, wounding her, but the other dogs, led by Max, fight the seal, and it flees.