Leonard Saber is the secondary antagonist in the movie G-Force. He is the owner and CEO of the Saberling Technology enterprise. He was thought to be the main antagonist but that was to hide the REAL main villian.



Saber is first seen at his mansion, where he seems to be having a party with numerous guests. Saber gives a presentation to his employees about his new microchip, which will allow all Saberling brand electronics to communicate with one another, allowing to import preferences and information (i.e. having the coffee maker tell the fridge to add coffee to the shopping list). Saber is later seen when he receives a call from an unseen Mr. Yanshu about project Clusterstorm.

The project involves tracking floating objects (junk) in space. Mr. Yanshu is apparently an anonymous engineer working for Saber, but it is eventually revealed that Speckles is the one who created Clusterstorm, via manipulating Saber, while pretending to be an anonymous engineer (Mr. Yanshu). At this point, the FBI show up to arrest Saber but find out that he's the victim of this. At the end of the movie, it is heard on the news that Saber was forced by the FBI to make the largest product recall of history by giving Speckles the punitive duty of removing all the malicious chips that he put in the Saberling appliances.

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