Le Poodle is a recurring villain from Teamo Supremo. He is France's most notorious cat burglar, and he seeks to rob the museums of the state.


Le Poodle first appeared in "My Sister the Spy", in which one of his henchmen gave a locket containing a radio transmitter to Crandall's sister Jean. This way, Le Poodle could listen in on Teamo Supremo's plans and keep a step ahead of them. When Teamo found out about this, they managed to use the transmitter to their advantage and get the drop on Le Poodle's gang.

Le Poodle would later return in "Not on My Cinco de Mayo". Poodle was none too thrilled about Cinco de Mayo, since the French were defeated at the Battle of Puebla that day. As a get-back for the defeat of his home country, Le Poodle and his gang made off with all the Cinco de Mayo food and items they could. Teamo Supremo was able to stop them, of course.