Actually, I'm out to get ratings! But you're big news in this town. So if big news gets bad news, it's good news for my news!
      —Lawrence Loudmouth, revealing his true intentions to Scrooge[src]

Lawrence Loudmouth is a news reporter from the DuckTales episode "The Masked Mallard". Mr. Loudmouth lives up to his name to a "T".

Role in the episode[]

Though he calls himself a "reporter" and refers back to "the studio" at the end of the press conference, Loudmouth has his own independent TV show. He always seeks out the biggest topics in the city to host on his show, and makes up a bunch of brazen lies to make it sound like bad news. Since Scrooge McDuck is big news in Duckburg, Loudmouth has been harassing Scrooge for a whole month. When Scrooge decides to don a superhero costume in an attempt to prove that he's not the bad guy, Loudmouth dons a similar costume and decides to frame Scrooge for crimes he hasn't committed.

Later that night, Lawrence posts the most recent brazen lies on his TV show. Scrooge decides to go out in costume, and sees Lawrence in costume, making off with a dollar bag. Gizmoduck shows up and pulls off Scrooge's mask right in front of a whole crowd. Scrooge manages to get away, and later that night, he notices Lawrence's photos on TV. Scrooge ponders how only Lawrence could've gotten those photos and pays a visit to Loudmouth's home. As Scrooge finds another Masked Mallard costume in the closet, Lawrence conks him out with a vase and ties him up to a flagpole. Lawrence explains how his ratings have gotten so high, that one more heist will earn him a trip to Rio de Janiero (while Scrooge will get blamed for everything). Just as Lawrence nabs a couple of gold bars, Gizmoduck shows up, and the two start fighting. Scrooge notices that Lawrence neglected to swap canes, and Scrooge manages to get the cane shooting lasers by whistling. Scrooge manages to free himself, and goes off to help Gizmoduck.

By this time, the fight between Lawrence and Gizmoduck has ended up all the way to the junkyard. Lawrence activates a magnet crane, rendering Gizmoduck vulnerable, and is about to put him in the car crusher when Scrooge shows up. The two Masked Mallards have a cane fight, and Lawrence ends up getting his cane stuck. The police helicopters show up and witness the two Mallards fighting. Scrooge tosses his cane to Lawrence, who plummets off the edge and lands right under a bunch of law enforcers. Afterwards, Lawrence is sent to Deviled Egg Island Penitentiary, where he is reduced to doing weather and sports.