Laura and Harley

Laura and Harley are two thieving sisters who appear in the Disney Junior animated series, The Rocketeer. They live a life of stealing and running from the authorities, including Hughesville's local hero, the Rocketeer.


Laura and Harley are amateurs when it comes to stealing, and they aren't very good at listening to one another. Harley is the leader and the brains of the two, while Laura is cheerful and dimwitted. She is easily distracted and hardly pays attention to her sister's plans, which often frustrates Harley.

Physical appearances[]

  • Laura: Laura is tall and skinny with a pointy nose, shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes. She dresses in a red jacket, an orange top with a blue one underneath, navy blue pants, and fuzzy boots. She also wears an orange bobble hat with the tag still on.
  • Harley: Harley is shorter and chubby, with brown hair tied in a bun and green eyes. She dresses in a green jacket, a purple and red stripy jumper, teal pants, and a visor hat. She also carries on her back, a blue backpack with a cat's face on it.