The Kumo[1] is a giant spider that appears in the Disney Channel animated series American Dragon: Jake Long. It makes one appearance in "The Heist" (Season 1) where the wizard Eli Excelsior Pandarus unleashes it.

Physical Appearance

The Kumo is an extremely large spider that easily reaches twice or three times the size of a Dragon. Its abdomen, thorax and legs are entirely black and covered in fur. The tip of its legs and its head are a deep red. It has white fangs between its black pincers and its six yellow eyes are always on the lookout for some easy prey.

Magical Power

The Kumo is a very aggressive creature, that will lunge at its enemies without a second thought. It will use the sharp tip of its legs to stab its prey, or will attempt to bite. If one of its legs is ruptured from its body (by fire or other means), it will instantly regrow a new one. The Kumo is extremely strong and can break open a vault door strengthened by Unicorn horn, the strongest alloy known to the magical community.

Although the Kumo has an intimidating size, it can be quite agile. It uses the force of all of its eight legs to leap into the air without difficulty.

Episode Appearances

Season One

  • The Heist


  • The word "kumo" is the Japanese term for "spider".
  • The Kumo can be briefly seen in the Season 1 intro of the series.
  • A Kumo's leg, when chopped off, will keep wriggling for a few seconds before finally laying still.


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