Kronos is the King of the Titans and father of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon and most of the Greek Gods.

Back Story[]

Kronos was the original King of Olympus before Zeus. He overthrew his father, Uranus, and seized control of Olympus for himself. He feared that his children would one day overthrow him so he ate them, all except Zeus, that is. He was fed a rock by his wife instead of Zeus. When Zeus caused him to regurgitate the other gods, he also regurgitated the rock. He then gave that rock a curse so that any god that sees the rock falls into a permanent sleep. He was defeated by his children and imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus.

Hercules the Animated Series[]

In the Hercules the Animated Series Episode The Drama Festival, Hades molds the Cronus Stone into a mask that is worn by Icarus. When the Gods are watching Icarus on stage, they begin to fall asleep but when Hercules intervenes, the gods are saved before falling into eternal slumber. Herc then throws the Cronus Stone away, right at Hades!

Hercules Film[]

Despite being a prevalent figure in Mythology, Cronus was not one of the Titans that Hades freed from Tartarus. This leaves a question as to whether or not Cronus was actually trapped in Tartarus as the series mentions. Perhaps he was trapped in a separate area of Tartarus as in Mythology, Tartarus was quite large.

Cronus Stone[]

Despite being a minor Disney villain, Kronos is one of the few that has a song sung about them. The song in question is appropriately titled Cronus Stone and is sung by Pain and Panic. It lyrics are as follows.

Back when Cronus was king of the universe,

he hocked up a rock and gave it a curse,

and now any god that gives it a peep,

falls into a permanent beauty sleep.

Yeah they drift away to the great unknown,

when they take a little peeky at the Cronus Stone.

No need to count no sheep you're in a sleepy zone,

when ya take a little peeky at the Cronus Stone.

Do ya feel a little freaky 'bout the Cronus Stone?

Are your knees a little weaky 'round the Cronus Stone?


  • Kronos never actually appears in the Hercules series or films
  • Kronos bears many similarities to Arawn as both are mentors/parents to the main villain. Both villains are only mentioned but never seen. And both are trapped within a mystical seal.