Kitten Kaboodle is the main antagonist of the TaleSpin episode "A Star is Torn".


Kitten is a highly seductive, yet manipulative, blonde Starrywood starlet with a husky Lauren Bacall-like voice.

Role in the series

Kitten first appeared as the main antagonist of the episode "A Star is Torn". Baloo saves her life and she invites him to co-star with her in her latest movie. But when they arrive, it turns out that the accident wasn't a coincidence--it's one in a series of accidents that had been occurring on the Kitten Kaboodle movie set. Rebecca Cunningham tries to explain this to Baloo, but he's too star-struck by Kitten to listen.

As a result, Rebecca sets out to solve the case on her own and discovers Kitten as the culpit. Her last movie did poorly and her movie career is almost ruined, so she caused the "accidents" as a way to raise her stardom. She manages to expose her during an unsuccessful "accident" that she set up for Baloo. Kitten was then arrested.

Kitten also makes a brief appearance in "Louie's Last Stand".

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