Kismet is a villainous cat, who appeared in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "The Luck Stops Here".


Kismet is a white fluffy obese cat with light blue eyes. She also wears a deep blue bow tie, pink earrings, and a pearl pink pearl necklace.


Kismet is a dangerous, sneaky, deceiving, mean, cruel, selfish, cunning, greedy, and lying cat with a goal to continuously sabotage her master's inventions so as to remain as his "good luck charm" and "lucky kitty cat."

The Luck Stops Here[]

Kismet is considered Clyde Cosgrove's "lucky kitty cat." Whenever Cosgrove's inventions fail, he relies on her to bring some "good luck" to them but to no avail.

When Cosgrove and Kismet notice Gadget with his inventions, Cosgrove intends to stop her and Kismet intends to eat her until they notice one of his inventions fixed and working fine thanks to Gadget, so Cosgrove decides to keep her as his "lucky mouse", which makes Kismet extremely jealous.

After Gadget escapes the cage Cosgrove put her in and tries to fix more inventions, Kismet stops her and tries to eat her for the fact that she's a mouse and that the reason why Cosgrove's inventions haven't been working is because Kismet reveals that she has actually been sabotaging them so as to be long needed by Cosgrove as his "good luck charm," so much for being his "lucky kitty cat."

But when Gadget states that if Cosgrove doesn't get his inventions working by then for the Kitchen Appliance convention, Cosgrove will lose his job and he and Kismet will probably be forced to live outside the streets; much to Kismet's horror.

Fearing for her future life, Kismet agrees to allow Gadget to fix one invention only. She takes out all the parts she stole from her mouse doll and allows Gadget to get to work. When one invention (the Meal-O-Matic) is fixed but then causes Kismet to fall from the building and land safely in the garbage, Kismet blames Gadget and vows to get her revenge.

At the storeroom of a building where the convention is being held, Kismet, having hitched a ride on a truck, traps Gadget's friends in a blender and continues chasing Gadget until she is stopped by Cosgrove's invention, the Meal-O-Matic. The machine shaves most of her fur off and she flees out through the window, never to be seen or heard from again. Simply put: Kismet's luck ends there and then.


  • It should be noted that in some frames in the episode she appears, Kismet is shown to have yellowish-white fur.