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King Salmoneus is a character and antagonist appearing in the Hercules episode "Hercules and the King of Thessaly". He was voiced by Jeffrey Tambor.


He was king of Thessaly until he pretended to be Zeus and was kicked out of the country by the god of thunder for his gall. After weeping, he states that it might be better if he were dead to which Pain and Panic attempt to take him to the Underworld. When he says he is not dead, the imps must help him regain his throne from the new king Hercules or he might let Hades know. After many failed plans, Salmoneus takes his throne back but Pain and Panic, who are now transformed into a monstrous lion, had destroyed the palace and all of the city. In the end, the Thessalian people set up a democracy instead of a monarchy which leaves Salmoneus powerless.

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