King Pector is a minor character who appeared in the Aladdin episode: From Hippsodeth, with Love. He is the ruler of Muskar and is determined to win the heart of Queen Hippsodeth. He was voiced by Neil Ross.


Physical Attributes

Pector appears to be a strong, muscular man with blonde hair and a blonde goatee. He wears a white robe with one left strap.


Pector appears to be brave, but quick-tempered. When he sees that the Sultan, which was really Iago, wrote an insulting letter to Hippsodeth, he gets angry and he is about to get revenge on him.

Powers and Abilities

Pector has god-like super strength. He is able to make a black cloud appear above his head and take out thunderbolt from it.



From Hippsodeth, with Love

King Pector swoops down Galifem on his golden chariot, led by a winged unicorn to convenes Queen Hippsodeth to fall in love with him but Queen Hippsodeth has fallen in love with the Sultan ignoring Pector's advances and sends the Sultan a love letter with a date invitation, Jasmine thinks it may be unsafe for him to go. After returning a letter declining the offer (with Iago adding a few insults),Hippsodeth reads the letter and gets angry, thinking it was the Sultan who wrote the insult. King Pector also reads the letter and decides to battle the Sultan to the death for the insult.When Pector reached Agrabah he begin bombarding the palace with lightning until the Sultan faces him. So Jasmine suggests that they Jasmine convinces Aladdin disguise himself as the Sultan so he can come up with an explanation. Aladdin agrees and they all go to sleep. Scara and the other Galifem warriors kidnap Aladdin and put him in the dungeon. The next day, Abu frees Aladdin and the two escape. When Pector gets to Agrabah, he sees Aladdin, who he mistakes for the Sultan, and fights him.When the Sultan sees what's going on, Pector sees him and grabs him. Queen Hippsodeth and Scara show up to stop Pector. After the fight, Hippsodeth talks to Sultan about the insult on the letter and everyone realizes that it was Iago who wrote it. Jasmine tells her father that the reason they hid the letter from him is that they didn't want him to get hurt. Sultan tells her that it's for him to decide what he wants to do and he decides to accept Hippsodeth's love. Pector now has a romantic interest on Scara.

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