King Freddie II is the King of the Playground after King Bob graduates in Recess: School's Out. He also invites T.J. and the gang to the Fifth and Sixth Graders Club.


King Freddy is tall and slender. He has tan skin, slanted eyes, black hair, and wears a light green polo shirt, dark green pants, black sneakers, and after becoming king, a yellow crown-shaped baseball hat with a blue "F" on it. It is likely for him to be of either Filipino, Latino or Native American descent.


Before becoming King, Freddy was only a background character. At the beginning of Recess: School's Out, King Bob crowns him king of the playground, as he's graduating that year. King Freddy is shown to be bossy, and unlike King Bob, he was not a fair ruler. He often came up with cruel, harsh punishments for the kids, however his guards had to tell him to lay it a little easier.

In Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade, he is only seen in "Grade Five Club".


  • King Freddy was once shown in King Bob's class in "Pharaoh Bob" and in the line in "Omega Kids", however, he is a year younger than him. This may or may not be considered a continuity error, as the episode was being made before Recess: School's Out was greenlit.