King Andrias Leviathan is the main antagonist in the 2019 Disney animated show Amphibia, He is a giant newt and the monarch of Amphibia, residing in the capital city of Newtopia. Masked behind a bubbly, lighthearted veneer, Andrias is a megalomaniacal tyrant. As the descendant of dimensional conquerors, he seeks to use the power of the Calamity Box to take over all worlds and has allied himself with a malevolent entity known as the Core, while simultaneously plotting to undo an ancient prophecy involving Anne Boonchuy and her friends and doing whatever he can to kill Anne as well.



Physical Appearance[]

King Andrias is a large newt with bluish skin and a lighter underbelly. He has pale yellow eyes. He is so tall that he towers over Anne, Marcy, Sasha, and his armored guards. Andrias is stocky and muscular, with white hair and a full beard, along with crows feet. When he was younger, Andrias was smaller than he was as an adult with a small mustache, but did not have crows feet or a beard yet. He also kept his hair in a bun.

Andrias's outfit consists of a dark purple metal suit of armor that has an X shaped battle mark on the left abdomen over a lighter colored shirt with cuffs similar to a Victorian aristocrat. He wears a crown that has the Core's eye attached to his head and has pauldrons shaped like snail shells; the right pauldron has a smaller X shaped battle mark on it. He also wears a gold snake belt and a purple and yellow tunic.

Role in the series[]



  • Andrias' true nature is hinted at throughout Season 2:
    • On the poster for Season 2, Andrias is far behind everyone and is much more darkly shadowed than the others. He also seems to be looking sinisterly at Anne with interest.
    • He was first seen spying on Anne and Marcy through the window using Flipwart pieces in their likeness, hinting toward his plan to use them to undo them of their Calamity Gem powers so they won't interfere with his conquest.
    • When first properly introduced, he is sitting in the shadows looking stern, then leans out into the full light and laughs.
    • After the first stone was charged, Andrias reports to the Core that the prophecy is being undone, which is part of his plan to strip the girls of their connections with the stones so they cannot fulfil the prophecy and defeat him.
    • At the end of "Lost in Newtopia" when Marcy discovers the secret library wing, Andrias can be seen with a smirk before following her downstairs. Said secret wing happens to be the room where the Core is kept, and foreshadows Marcy being picked to become the Core's host.
    • In "A Day at the Aquarium" when talking to Anne and the Plantars about his ancestors, right when he gets to "peaceful explorers and scientists" he looks away from them while talking in a suspicious tone. At the end when the Plantars leave, when he gives Marcy a proposition, ominous music is heard.