Kileem is a villain in the Aladdin TV series. He was once a feared warrior who wore an invincible armor. Many tried to defeat him but all failed. When Kileem finally past his spirit possessed the armor. He appeared in the episode "Armored and Dangerous".

Role in the episode[]

When Dominus Tusk is terrorizing the city of Agrabah destroying buildings, easily taking care of the city's army, and knocking Jasmine out cold the Sultan it took upon himself to stop the giant minotaur from devastating the entire city by donning the invincible Armor of Kileem, an evil ancestor of his family. Shortly after this, Sultan had Dominus Tusk outmatched in speed and strength. After an intense battle, Tusk's horns were mounted on the wall in the Sultan's newly refurbished throne room, so he was presumably killed by the Sultan, who was being possessed by the evil spirit of Kileem. Slowly Kileem takes over the Sultan’s thoughts making the poor man plan an invasion of all the other kingdoms of the seven deserts making them part of Agrabah.

In attempt to restore the Sultan back to normal Aladdin devises a plan to force him to remove the armor. He lures Kileem to a cliff side high above a river, Genie pushes him into the river. Aladdin’s plan seems to have worked, but Kileem digs a tunnel back to shore then gets his revenge as He knocks them out and has the guards arrest Jasmine for treason.

Now that Kileem has taken over the Sultans thoughts he is prepared to execute Jasmine. Just in time Aladdin saves her and challenges Kileem as he knows the statue is the source of the spirit's power. Kileem storms at our hero seconds, but before impact, Aladdin jumps away and Kileem destroys his statue, releasing his spirit, which then explodes into oblivion, releasing the Sultan from his grasp.