Kabuto is a heavily-modified car that Mater races against in the Cars Toons short Tokyo Mater. He was made to resemble Boost.In Mater's tall tales, Kabuto challenges Mater in a race to the Tokyo Tower. The winner would be King Of Drifting and the losers will be stripped of their identity and become Stock. In the end, Mater was the winner, Kabuto became stock, and his ninjas were laughing at him.


  • Kabuto is similar to his predecessor Chick Hicks from Cars. They both have minions who support them. they both challenge and taunt a protagonist to win a race. Chick Hicks challenged and taunted Lightning McQueen and Kabuto challenged and taunted Mater, and of they cheat to win. Chick Hicks gets defeated by being booed he did not get the Dinoco sponsorship with his plan, but Kabuto is defeated and his plan did not work. He is also similar to DK from Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. He taunted Sean Boswell to a race and was also defeated. Kabuto is not to be confused with the Pokemon of the same name.
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