Judge McKible is an antagonist in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.

Role in the film[]

Judge McKible is the host and also one of the judges in the dog show. As Sam Cortez and his parents came in the building to sign up Papi, Chloe, Pedro, and Delgado for the dog show, Judge Mckible implies that it was more of a fancy event. However, he let's them sign up, anyway.

During the event, he was seen with the other two judges watching the dogs talents. However, he would dismiss any dog with a bad talent (either for the show's rules or just for his own personal tastes). Unlike the other judges, McKible is the only one that is not as nice to anyone, except for Colleen Mansfield. He dismissed Delgado for his size, Pedro for "smiling" after being applaud, and Chloe for missing only one note while playing the piano. This caused the other judges and the audience to boo, though McKible took it fine.

After he announced Papi and Appoline as the two finalists, Colleen reminded him about there being a rule on no strays allowed in the competition. He immediately disqualifies Papi for his lack of breeding papers. As it was considered unfair, everyone else booed at McKible again. He bestows the prize money to Collen and was not seen for the rest of the film.