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Jonny Man is a character and antagonist from Slugterra. He is one of the Underlords working for The Emperor and Dai-Fu in The Eastern Caverns.


Jonny was a fateful Underlord of The Emperor, who uses fear and intimidation to keep order in his caverns, and collect every slug he finds. But now that the Dai-Fu has stepped into command, to his liking, he and the other Underlords are now supplied with Ghoul Slugs to help with their collecting, which may have made him even more dangerous.


  • Slugterra: Eastern Caverns (First) - Johnny Man participated in the "Tournament of Underlords" where it was revealed that he starves his Rammstones and uses them last to make them more aggressive.
  • Second Chances - Jonny and the rest of the remaining Underlords are now seen taking orders from the Dai-Fu and are still expected to steal slugs, but as a bonus now he and the others are provided with ghouls to assist them.
  • Eastern Tech - Jonny Man, is tasked to secure the Technicians' Factory and gets his accelerator to be fixed. He is eventually defeated by Kord using Tech Fu on Stunts.
  • The Emperor Strikes Back
  • The Return of the Eastern Champion - Jonny, still a faithful Underlord, fighting against the Shane Gang, he was knocked off a cliff presumably deceased.



  • The Emperor
  • Other Underlords (in general)
    • Dark Servants
    • Swick (supposedly)


  • Junjie
  • Shane Gang
    • Eli Shane
    • Beatrice Sting
    • Kord Zane
    • Pronto
  • Hamengku & The Outlaws


  • Johnny speaks in a thick Russian accent.
  • His fate is unknown after he was knocked off a cliff, however, he is presumed dead, which makes him one of the few character in the series to be deceased.
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