Johnny McBride is the main antagonist in The Proud Family episode; "I Love You Penny Proud".


He is a character who appeared in the series The Proud Family. He was a classmate in Penny's algebra class, who was secretly using graffiti on the school's walls to show his love for her. On the night he was caught, he confessed to the principal about the graffiti, and wound up suspended. Penny felt sorry for him and reluctantly became his girlfriend. He comes to the Proud family's house and Oscar doesn't mind letting him in, as Penny's boyfriend. But when he came with the Prouds to a ski trip, he started acting rude and obnoxious to them and on the way back home, Penny dumps him; much to her impressed family's joy and amazement.

Episode Appearances[]

  • I Love You Penny Proud (Only Appearance)


  • He was voiced by Shia LaBeouf, also known for playing Louis Stevens in Even Stevens.